Graduate Programs

The Graduate Programs, consisting of 2 schools, 11 programs, and 5 research institutions, aim at educating qualified scholars and highly skilled professionals.

Graduate School of Letters

Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Literature (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
Japanese literature, Japanese linguistics

This program encompasses the Japanese literary tradition from ancient to modern times. Students may also specialize in Chinese literary works, gaining insights into comparative literature. The Japanese linguistics curriculum offers a comprehensive study of the Japanese language.

Graduate Program in English and American Literature (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
English and American literature, English linguistics

Courses in this department include English and American literature, English linguistics and the History of English. This program is designed for those who wish to teach English professionally, those who aim to pursue literary and linguistic academic research, and those who will work in a variety of international settings. Course materials include English and American novels, plays, poetry, semantics, translation studies, and Old and Medieval English.

Graduate Program in Language Education and Communication(Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
Japanese language education, English language education, linguistics

The department offers two programs for those who are interested in the teaching of Japanese and English. The aim is to educate students who can play a leadership role as professional teachers of Japanese or English as well as of other foreign languages. Students explore the sciences of second language learning through the integration of linguistics, sociology and psychology.

Graduate Program in Literature and Linguistics (Doctoral Program)

Academic disciplines
literature, language study, language education

The department consists of three major areas: Japanese Language and Literature, English and American Literature, and Language Education.

Graduate School of Life Sciences

Graduate Program in Life Sciences and Culture (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
history, folklore, geography, archeology, history of art, history of fashion, cultural assets studies and museology

Students explore indigenous cultures of the world, including courses in history, folklore, geography, archeology, art history, cultural assets studies, and others. They engage in fieldwork such as the excavation of Suwahara in Yamanashi, research on the Toshodai-ji documents, and the research and preservation of cultural heritage sites in Vietnam.

Graduate Program in Psychology (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology

The department offers clinical psychology programs for those who wish to pursue a career in that field. There is also a psychology program which focuses on cognition and learning, development and education, society and industry, and personality. Post-graduation career options include fields such as school counseling and developmental counseling.

Graduate Program in Social Welfare (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
welfare policy, public health care, child welfare, social work, labor and gender studies

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum on social welfare. Graduates will be able to play a leading role in the field of social welfare in both the public and private sectors, as well as a variety of roles in private business.

Graduate Program in Education (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
primary education, preschool education, moral education, classroom and school management

This department’s curriculum is focused upon developing both teaching skills and educational management in the fields of preschool and primary education. The course schedule is designed to accommodate the time constraints of working professionals.

Graduate Program in Environmental Design (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
architectural environment design, product design, fashion design, design management

The department consists of three different programs. The architectural environment design program allows students to pursue environmental design. Students in the production design program explore product design in graphics and interior design. The fashion design program offers a variety of courses, from textiles to ornamentation.

Graduate Program in Life Sciences and Design (Master’s Program)

Academic disciplines
food functional analysis, nutrition physiology, clinical nutrition, public health nutrition

There are two programs: food science & nutrition, and practical nutrition. Food science & nutrition is focused upon educating future nutrition researchers and educators through studies of how nutrients function in the human body. The practical nutrition program deals with clinical and public nutrition.

Graduate Program in Sciences and Culture (Doctoral Program)

Academic disciplines
history & culture, social science, natural science

The department consists of three major areas: history & culture, social science, and natural science. Fields explored include history, folklore, cultural assets, as well as psychology, education, and social welfare. A wide range of natural science topics concerning dietary habits, housing, and clothing are also dealt with. Many research projects are conducted in conjunction with outside entities such as NGOs and private businesses.